Services A Children's Dentist Could Provide Your Family

During the course of your child's life, there are likely a number of different issues that they may need to have corrected. Unfortunately, new parents will often feel as though they are unprepared for these particular challenges.

Sealing The Back Teeth 

Sealing your child's back teeth can be a procedure that will dramatically reduce the risk of these teeth developing cavities or other significant health problems. Rather, this procedure will involve applying a coating to the rear teeth that will act as a barrier against plaque and decay. Generally, this sealant is only applied to the rear teeth due to these being the teeth that are the most likely to experience decay. In most cases, this sealant will be able to provide protection to the teeth for years. However, poor brushing habits by your child could compromise the results that they enjoy from these protective sealants. By encouraging thorough brushing habits from your child, you can help to avoid this potential source of wear on these sealants.

Correcting Alignment Issues 

As your child's teeth grow and develop, there could be a high risk of them developing serious alignment issues. These issues could lead to your child having functional problems with their mouth and feeling self-conscious about smiling. Alignment issues can be much easier to correct when they are diagnosed early. Routine visits to a children's dentist can allow for developmental issues to be identified when they are still relatively minor, and this may allow for more effective treatments to be used. This could include braces, but it may also involve the use of spacers and even dental extractions.

Repairing Damage From Accidents

Unfortunately, children can be very prone to be involved in accidents that could result in them suffering somewhat serious injuries. In particular, children can be prone to suffering cracked or broken teeth due to falling, sports injuries, or other common injuries. When your child suffers this type of injury, a dentist will be able to help repair the tooth so that its structural integrity can be restored, and the risk of infection or other complications will be minimized.

Depending on the severity and location of the tooth damage, it may not cause your child much discomfort. However, it is still important to have it treated promptly. Otherwise, an infection could develop, and this could rapidly spread to neighboring teeth and gum tissue. For this reason, these teeth should be repaired even if they are adolescent teeth that your child will eventually lose anyway.

Speak to a children's dentist to learn more. 

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