Risks Of Skipping Dental Cleanings

Professional teeth cleaning is a great way to boost your oral health. That's why you should get teeth cleanings every year. Sadly, some people skip dental cleanings, thinking they can get away with it. Well, maybe the risks discussed below will show otherwise.

Increased Risks Of Cavities

Brushing three times every day is not enough to keep cavities away. Surprisingly, people who develop cavities have been brushing and flossing as expected. Remember that cavities form over a long period. And as long as your teeth are covered with plaque, the cavities will continue to become more prominent. 

That's why attending routine dental cleanings is crucial. Your dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth and awkward spaces until the bacteria film is gone.

Bad Breath

Don't expect to have fresh breath if you have been skipping your dental cleaning appointments with your dentist. Brushing your teeth doesn't guarantee you fresh breath. Surprisingly, bad breath will still linger in your mouth after brushing. Why? Because your teeth have plaque buildup that you must get rid of. So, if the plaque continues to accumulate, your breath will stink.

Teeth Stains

Do you know that the chemicals in your toothpaste or mouthwash cannot prevent your teeth from getting stains? So, if you love your glass of wine or cup of coffee, be sure you will deal with discolored teeth at some point. The same case applies to people who love smoking. 

Luckily, routine dental cleaning can prevent stains from forming or building up. But the stains might worsen if you skip teeth cleaning appointments. Sometimes, you might require professional teeth whitening to get rid of stubborn stains.

Gum Infections

Dental cleaning doesn't target your teeth alone. The dentists will also clean the gum line area to boost your gum health. And as you know, most people don't clean beyond the gum line, which is why plaque tends to accumulate below the gum line. 

Unfortunately, plaque buildup can affect your gums. And if that happens, your gums will become sore, reddish, and painful. In some cases, the gums will bleed or recede. So, never skip dental cleanings if you care a lot about your gum health.

Plaque Buildup

Plaque buildup has been mentioned a lot in this article. Unfortunately, plaque can quickly form in the hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. That is why you need a professional to remove the plaque before it becomes tartar. And as you might know, plaque and tartar are responsible for tooth decay.

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