What Is a Family Dentist?

Dental care is vital for all people, no matter how old they are or what kinds of lives they lead. Some people choose to see family dentists to have all their oral care needs met in a single convenient location. However, you may have some questions about who family dentists are and what they do. This article can help you understand more about your family dentist and the role they play in keeping your family's teeth healthy.

1. Family dentists oversee childhood tooth development

Babies grow rapidly, and as they do, they begin developing their first teeth. Babies' primary teeth are just as susceptible to decay as the teeth of adults, which is why you should bring your baby to the dentist as soon as their first tooth emerges. Family dentists can oversee the growth of your child's teeth throughout their life. They can keep your child's teeth healthy as they transition from having primary teeth to growing the permanent teeth that will serve them in adulthood.

2. Family dentists provide preventative care

When it comes to dentistry, preventative care is better than restoration. Your family dentist can do everything necessary to keep all of your teeth healthy and strong. They can provide biannual cleanings, yearly X-rays, and additional services, such as fluoride rinses. Each of these services is designed to strengthen your tooth enamel, eradicate plaque, and prevent the buildup of tartar. Family dentists can offer these services to your entire family.

3. Family dentists can offer extended services

At times, you may require additional dental services that are not covered by preventative care. Dental fillings, dental bonding, and root canal therapy may all be necessary to repair decayed and broken teeth. Fortunately, family dentists can handle many of these services in-office. Many patients feel more comfortable seeing their regular dentist for restorative care, instead of traveling to see a specialist. Family dentists may even be able to offer orthodontic care to your children. Non-invasive forms of orthodontics, such as Invisalign, make it possible for general dentists to help kids, teenagers, and adults straighten their teeth discreetly and comfortably.

4. Family dentists can take care of elderly patients' teeth

People continue to need dental care throughout their lives. Elderly people may require different services than younger generations. Tooth loss is more likely to occur in older people, who may benefit from getting dental bridges or dentures to make up for the loss. Your family dentist can be with you during every stage of life, offering care to you and your parents as you age.

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